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"Marriage in Crisis? Get the tools to fix your marriage problems step-by-step with Harley Street expert Stephen Hedger"


If you have been to couples counselling and it's failed, or you have tried to fix your problems without success, this unique service is for you.  


Stephen Hedger is showing frustrated couples the proven simple steps they can take to stop going around in circles and save their marriage.


Your solution sits in what created your problems... 

The reason the work Stephen does is so successful is because he does not try to fix the couples presenting problems because their problems are always a symptom of a deeper issue in the couple's dynamic. So Stephen works with the couple to solve what created their problems because this is what will lead them to lasting changes.

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Tim & Sue, Banker & Housewife

Testimonial: Tim and I went to see Stephen Hedger because after nearly twenty years together our relationship seemed to have fallen into an unhappy rut which neither of us knew how to get out of, home became quite hostile. The results have far exceeded our expectations. Stephen appears somehow to have re focused our hearts and minds and completely turned us around. Tim & I feel immensely grateful to Stephen and would highly recommend him.

Couples can feel their marriage is dying
and recovery is impossible

Couples can feel very stuck because they have tried and tried to make their marriage work. Getting through to their partner seems hopeless, some have even tried marriage counselling and that hasn’t worked either. They don’t want to stay in a failing marriage, but breaking up their family feels wrong too.

It’s totally normal for an individual in a marriage to feel their love for their partner has died for good. The love is only dormant because they have detached emotionally to protect themselves. Teaching the couple how to reattach is key to getting the marriage back on track.


Thankfully we are seeing many marriages can be saved with the right focus, but many individuals in their marriage can feel their situation is hopeless and give up far too soon.

Typical questions are:

  • It is possible to save a marriage that has been emotionally and sexually dead for years?
  • It is possible for the love to come back?
  • Is it possible to stop the rows and the power struggles?
  • Is it possible to recover from an affair?
  • Is it possible to communicate to your partner and be understood?

The answer to all these questions is yes.

Most couples in Stephens programs all felt their marriage was dead and had tried other counselling and therapies without success. Stephens unique approach has helped 90% of couples successfully reconnect, today they have the knowledge they were missing that today keeps their marriage safe.

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Stephen Hedger offers his clients a powerfully successful approach to fixing their marriage problems through his Marriage Breakthrough Program.

The reasons couples struggle to fix their problems is because of 3 key factors.

  1. They are limited by what they believe is possible.
  2. They don’t know what to do to fix their problems.
  3. They don’t know how to keep the relationship alive.

The result is they are trying to fix their problems with what they think will work. They keep getting the wrong result and so assume the problems are impossible to fix, or they are incompatible.

The route to success is helping the couple learn what will really work. You will experience this live in your sessions.


How is this Program different to traditional couples counselling?

The main difference is a defined strategy based on a clear plan that’s created so the couple can track their progress.

Men specifically like this approach. The plan takes the couple from where they are to where they want to be in easy steps. This all takes into account the way men and women process information totally differently. Men generally are not good with feeling based chats.

Men want to know what to do to fix the problem(s)?

Note: The past only becomes important and is explored if it’s clearly blocking the couples ability to create the outcome they desired.

The process is educational because the couple will be unaware of the key factors that took them from love to destruction.

Much of the problems couples face is due to the significant differences between men and women. When couples are taught these differences their expectation shifts as they both start to appreciate how different each others world really is.

The start of all work is not focused on the couples problems as this will make them feel worse at a time when things are bad enough. The focus is on rebuilding the foundations of really understanding each other.

This is effective because it shift the couple away from their problems and towards what they can do to feel better. This creates confidence as the couple learn what do that genuinely supports each others needs.

Rebuilding the foundations is critical because it rebuilds trust and respect. With trust and respect the relationship will die.


Without strong foundations the couple will always struggle

When couples learn what to do that builds powerfully strong foundations they can quickly change their relationship and this is the start of how I’m getting fast, lasting results.

  • Couples that were arguing learn how to understand each other.
  • Couples whose intimacy had died were reconnected.
  • Individuals that fell out of love, successful reconnected.

These stories and many more are typical once the couple learn the foundations that lead to success.

The foundation consists of many factors. Without these key factors the relationship will always struggle and for many fail.

Leaving a marriage without this knowledge can cause future repeat of the same problems…

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So what are the foundations that are creating success for so many couples?

Below are a few of the critical factors that make up the foundations
that pulls couples back from the edge of divorce

Freedom to be who you are

Most people with relationship problems lose a sense of who they are as they try to cope with their problems

Differences between the sexes

Not understanding how your partner thinks and feels will create massive problems. Men and women naturally see the world very differently.

Effective Communication

Couples with problems can really struggle to communicate with each other. Understanding why and how to correct this is critical.

Understand the importance of needs

Understanding and meeting each others needs is critical. Most couples have no idea how to do this and this leads to a loss of trust.

How to grow closer from conflict

Growing closer from conflict is the fastest way to rebuild trust and respect the no.1 problem that leads to divorce.

How sexual connection happens

Sexual connection struggles if the couple don’t meet each others needs. When the needs are not met the trust dies.

Some of my clients have been kind enough to want to support you because they were once in your shoes.

Home life had become hostile

Tim and I went to see Stephen Hedger because after nearly twenty years together our relationship seemed to have fallen into an unhappy rut which neither of us knew how to get out of.

Tension, resentment and insecurities crept in over several years and gradually increased to the point that the atmosphere at home became quite hostile which affected our children and made everyone unhappy.

We had several sessions with Stephen over three months.  It’s hard to describe Stephen’s methods but he has a remarkable knowledge and perception of people, their brains and emotional responses.

The results have far exceeded our expectations.  We had hoped to get out of the unhappy rut and stop the negative spiral our relationship had developed. 

Without wishing to sound weird or cheesy, Stephen appears somehow to have re focused our hearts and minds and completely turned us around.

Tim & I feel immensely grateful to Stephen and would highly recommend him, he’s very good value!

Tim and Jill - Banker and Housewife

Total Communication breakdown

Dear Stephen

With your help, we got to understand each other and from that we could defuse tensions that existed in our own minds, not necessarily real for both of us.

Working on our relationship never stops, but thanks to the help we got through working with you, we are in a much better place, and a place that now will hopefully require only us to discuss, understand and resolve.

Thank you.

Everybody, you can’t always solve it yourselves. So if you need guidance, Stephen is probably the best chance you have of cutting to the quick and saving the good you know you have but need someone else to voice it.

Thank you Stephen. We are fine. We are in love, and we are growing together.*

Phill and Peijie - Lawyers

House on the market and divorce lawyers consulted


I wanted to write to say thank you. There has been a huge turning point in our relationship. We have both worked really hard at following your advice and I have started to allow myself to get close to D physically.

From where we were a few months ago – with the house on the market and divorce lawyers consulted – to where we are now feels nothing short of a miracle. We both realise that there is still so much love and so much worth saving. It was just all disguised under fear, anger, resentment, loneliness and feelings of disconnect and hopelessness.

Your skill as a coach is very special. Anyone who has tried traditional counselling and failed (as we had) should definitely try you before throwing in the towel.

With very best wishes*

Grace – London - Lawyers

I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship

At the beginning of the year my relationship was at such a low point I was on the verge of breaking a 4 year relationship which left me in a state of anguish.

As a last ditch effort I made an appointment with Stephen Hedger, admittedly not holding out much hope?

Much to my surprise after as little as three meetings I found that there had been a marked improvement in my relationship and that I was fundamentally a lot more positive in salvaging the situation of hopelessness I felt I was in.

Stephen Hedger communicated with clarity and provided us with the tools not only to fix problems today but tools to fix problems for tomorrow.

I am now very happy in my relationship and look to the future with optimism.*

Charles – Jane - CEO and Fashion Designer

She told me it was over

My wife told me out of the blue that she loved me but wasn’t in love with me anymore. This came as a complete shock to me.

As we have a young child we agreed that we would go and see a couples counsellor – The sessions were bleak, depressing and frankly fairly poisonous – they made us both feel awful about ourselves and our relationship.

One day I found Stephen’s website and it was clear that his approach was completely different. I called his office straight away and spoke to him later that day. We only spoke for 10 minutes but those 10 minutes made more sense and gave me more hope than several hours with the previous counsellor ever did.

We moved into his premium 3 month programme. This was the best decision we made. Stephen clearly put a huge amount of thought and planning into our couples sessions and that paid massive dividends for us.

We have now reconnected and are rebuilding our marriage with huge hope for the future and a completely different understanding of ourselves, each other and our relationship.

Stephen but he has already worked a miracle for us. Day by day our relationship is getting better and better when a short time ago I was convinced it was over. I cannot thank him enough for saving my marriage and my family from a situation which seemed completely devoid of hope.

Company Director and Consultant

Daily Practices

All relationships need feeding. If the couple are meeting their needs whilst giving each other what they really want the relationship will grow.

Quickly repairing the relationship

The couple will be given the tools to enable them to repair the relationship fast when problems strike. This keeps resentments down and pleasure attachments up.

Your partner comes first

Couples learn how to do this so it works and becomes part of their relationship. Men and women need this differently and it’s critical to learn how.

Build a compelling future

Once the couple have rebuild their trust and respect for each other. From this position the couple can craft an exciting future together.

Clear communication

Once the couple understand how to communicate they are free to share and explore each other in ways that will lead to a deeper understanding.

Keeping the passion alive

The couple will learn on their journey how to spark the passion in each other. This becomes easy once the foundations are in place.

90% of clients working with Stephen have achieved the result they were after. Learn what his Marriage Breakthrough Program can do for you.

Stephen Hedger a marriage in crisis specialist sought after by CEO's, Bankers, Judges, GP's Business Leaders, A-List Celebrities and Entrepreneurs globally.


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